If you're looking to dive deeper into Lent, check out the free devotional below to get started.

What is Lent?

Lent is not about fixing yourself or saying rote prayers and Scriptures to get an “A+” from God. It is actually a specific time for diving into discipleship - especially for the missional Church!

How does it fuel the Church on Mission?

Lent is a 40 day time of Remembrance, Reorientation, and Real Prayer. It kicks off with Ash Wednesday, where we remember our created, mortal life has brevity. This causes us to examine ourselves for the sake of doing and seeking God’s will. This means repentance of sins, humility before God, and leaning into the Holy Spirit’s promptings to seek Christ and his ways. Sometimes a cross image is drawn with ashes while saying, “Ashes to ashes; dust to dust,” because Lent is a time to humble ourselves and focus on Jesus.

The historic Church used Lent to prepare new disciples! They taught people how to commit to living a life after Christ and how to pray. Think about it: Christ surrendered to God’s mission plan and took on the full human experience! He feels and knows our tensions of temptation, pains, and heartaches in life; even so His Spirit perfectly invites us to live out God’s mission with Him. We must not forget what our Lord has done and must pray over and pattern our life after Him, but we do so in God’s company.

How do we engage?

Remember, be re-oriented, and humbly pray. If you engage somehow in this 40 day time, it makes Resurrection Sunday a climactic celebration!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose a time every day to pray. Pray in wonder at Christ’s life. Confess the sinful patterns of life and loves that are not in line with Christ. Lament the hard and destructive parts still in our lives, knowing God’s Spirit groans for full redemption too. Ask God for His kind of love to live in you to overflow to others.

  • Commit to read one of the Gospels either individually or in a group. Reflect on what you see Christ saying, doing and not doing. Ask God to make the Church more like Him.

  • Accountability + Support: get together with fellow Christians and ask God, in His loving communion, to examine your life. Take time to share, lament, ask questions, and support one another. Pray too in praise of the Spirit’s presence and ask Him for his power. Follow up at least once a week to see how God is growing one another.

  • Get outside in a place where you feel small. We must seriously be humbled before God to realize our place before Him and the incredible gift of His coming. Pray into the thoughts, emotions, and questions that come up.

  • Use fasting for seeking God first. Choose something to abstain from that will immediately remind you of your need to continuously seek God and His will. A helpful tool is choosing a central Scripture to meditate on in this time too. Every time an impulse comes to return to what you gave up, pray and meditate on God’s truth.