inviting and inspiring others to come and see Jesus

Our manifesto




The gospel is the good news of God’s love for all people that has been, and continues to be, revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is this presence of Jesus that unleashes the renewing and restoring power of God’s kingdom into the whole world and adopts us into His family. The gospel alone has the power to wholly transform our hearts, shape our minds, change our behavior and bring new life. There is nothing we can do to earn this new life; rather, we are invited to respond to Jesus and the work that he has already completed. The gospel sets us free from toil and performance, moving us from self-righteousness or self-condemnation to an identity that rests in the person of Jesus Christ. The gospel creates community and defines its purpose. In other words, we are re-created by the gospel, for the gospel. 


CALLING | MARK 3:13-19 

We believe that Jesus calls each of us by name, equally and distinctly, to intimately know him and to be sent by him. We affirm that each person who has given their life in surrender to Jesus and his cause has a unique calling from Jesus to participate in the mission of God as the church. Jesus calls us to himself so decisively that everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have is invested with devotion, dynamically lived out as a response to his invitation. We believe it is the Spirit of God living in a person that makes understanding and obedience to that calling possible. Therefore we work towards empowering each and every believer to hear and answer the call of Jesus on his or her life. 



We commit to mission because we are sent people. The mission is not our own but rather we join in the mission that God has set and determined before us. We believe that God’s mission is to restore all of creation back to himself as he intended; that he is doing a work of healing, of renewing and rebuilding an intimacy with his people through Jesus Christ. We, too, long to see this in the world. And we believe these things come in large part through obedience to God’s mission. We understand that the course and direction of this mission is not ours to determine and so we submit humbly to the ways God directs and guides. We also believe that when we co-labor with Him as workers in the harvest field, we not only bring the kingdom into those places, but that we also experience deep and true intimacy with God at the same time. 



Our shared calling is to witness to Jesus and to his death and resurrection. As we are being transformed by the gospel, we live to point others to that same transforming power for them. We recognize that it is not us who bring significance as effective witnesses, but rather we exist to partner with God, through the Holy Spirit, to make Jesus known. We act as witness through our lives and in our communities, about the freedom we receive in the gospel. We believe that we most effectively witness to this good news when we know and understand the people and the culture around us. The more we understand our context, the more we are able to understand the unique ways the gospel is needed in those places. Therefore, we commit, as witnesses, to be humble learners of the lives, stories and places that are around us, for the sake of the gospel. 


GOD’S LEAD | ACTS 1:21-26 

We carry the continual task of being a community that speaks and acts only as determined by the Spirit’s lead. Therefore, we commit ourselves to live a life of prayer and dependence because we believe that only God can accomplish what He calls us to do and that God should receive the glory. Without dependence on God and his leading in all things, we are destined to either fail or become conceited in our success. We believe that every movement of the Kingdom begins and is determined and sustained by him and that he calls people as partners with him through his Spirit. For this reason, we hold fast to the truth that whatever work God’s Spirit calls us to we are also equipped by him to faithfully obey. 



The church is the community formed by and revolving around the gospel. We are not just individuals who gather for meetings, but we are meant to live life together as family. Therefore, we make decisions with regard to the implications for one another as a witness to the gospel. We extend love to one another in response to the selfless love we receive from God. In doing so, we accept the call, with the help of the Spirit, to live towards one another. We spend time with one another, care for one another, exhort one another with the gospel, celebrate and grieve with one another, pray with one another and take the initiative to resolve conflict and forgive one another, all the time inviting others to participate in this common life. 



We commit ourselves to each other. We believe that God calls us into his mission with others, never alone. We value life and mission done in community. We believe God gives us clear instructions on how to live lives of humility, sacrifice, compassion, forgiveness and edification that points others to Him and his intentions for his created people. Therefore, we value free, committed and loving friendships. Whenever possible, we believe it is most beneficial to have shared life at every level with trusted friends who act as an extension of grace and the presence of God in our lives. We believe this commitment to this degree of friendship is dependent upon our understanding of the committed love of Jesus for us. Therefore, we commit to firstly pursue friendship with Jesus, so that our friendship with others reflects him. 



We believe that the all-encompassing love of Jesus is for all people, whether they have come to know Him or not. Therefore, we exist to invite and inspire others to come and see Jesus through our words and actions. We believe inviting others to see Jesus just as we have moves us to welcome others without expectation or agenda. Each of us, sinners alike, is in need of his radical grace and forgiveness. Therefore, we wish to never view or approach people as outsiders, rather we embrace all people with the same generous invitation that we ourselves have received, that is, to come and see the person and ways of Jesus Christ. We believe this spirit of invitation will, no doubt, be passed on when others come to know and are transformed by him. 



With Jesus as our model, we want our lives to be formed by his life and passion. The way of Jesus was not self-preservation or self-promotion but rather humility, obedience and sacrifice, to the point of death on our behalf. We see Jesus’ willingness to suffer for the lost and the hopeless as a model for all who would come after Him, and that we likewise are to take up our cross and to walk the way of sacrifice. We are convinced that the clearest expression of the gospel is love, and that love is forever re-defined by Jesus in His death for us. So too, we value the kind of radical love, in faith, that calls every believer to be ready and willing to suffer and sacrifice for Jesus, His name and His kingdom. We affirm that the kingdom will not be built through selfish ambition, but through passionate, sacrificial living. 


JUSTICE | JAMES 1:22-27 

We live for the biblical concept of justice. We are called to take a stand against every kind of evil, both spiritual and societal. All injustice opposes the way of the kingdom of God. We believe the ways of God’s kingdom is the answer to the cries of those experiencing injustice. Kingdom justice is restoration of wholeness, bringing peace to chaos, pursuing equality and human flourishing. Our call to justice is one that causes us to seek the peace and prosperity of every person in this city and the world for whom we’ve been given influence. We live with hope and invest our time and resources, that the kingdom of God would come to bear on the place where we are. Therefore, our value of justice will mean action in the places where we have influence and power and also the proclamation of the kingdom wherever we are given voice. 


statement of faith

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What we believe

We value our statement of faith because of the unique way it expresses our devotion to Jesus. And in the most simple and clear way we confess two theological statements: Jesus is Savior and Jesus is Lord

  • These confessions are rooted in the Bible, for we are convinced that the Bible is uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit as a witness to Jesus, and it is authoritative over all matters of faith and life.
  • These confessional statements are also found in our historical roots which developed ancient expressions such as the Apostles' Creed and Nicene Creed. We stand with our brothers and sisters everywhere in the world and across the centuries that have embraced these roots of Scripture and Creed. Yet, we affirm the Lausanne Covenant because of it’s clear and passionate commitment to the Mission of God.

At Trinity Mission Church, Lausanne is a foundational expression for how we live out the Gospel in our everyday lives.